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Pure Veg Restaurant in Mumbai



(Since 1937)

A peaceful walk down the main road just in front of the Matunga C.Rly. Station i.e. Lakhamsey Napoo Road, past Welingkar Management Institute, then R.A. Podar College of Commerce, Ruia College and opposite Hindu Colony stands the humble modest “Mani’s offering every thing that is good in South Indian Snacks with homely taste and atmosphere.The place opens around 6.30 a.m. and close by 9 p.m. with a weekly holiday on ‘Mondays’.The restaurant serves only few items and never compromise on quality. It prides in quality with modest price.

In fact Mani’s is worth to money.The restaurant serve exotic perfectly light Idly, mouth watering Medu wada, Potato wada, Uppuma, Sheera, Pongal, in the morning session and in addition Kela Bajji, Vegetable Bonda, Dal wada, Rasam wada, Dahi wada, Onion pakkoda, Mysore bonda, in the evening session and vast varieties of crisp Dosa’s. All these served with limitless accompaniments of chutney and spicy delicious Madras Onion Sambar. One can consume as much as chutney and sambar as desired without paying any extra cost. This is the only restaurant in Mumbai that serve chutney and sambar in limitless quantity happily free of charge. Mulagapodi the so-called Powder Chutney really have a magical taste and it further enhances the quality and intake. In addition in the afternoon session varieties Rice such as Dahi Rice, Bisibellabath, Tomatoe Rice, Lemon Rice and Tamarind Rice also were served.

The Restaurant on Sundays prepares a special South Dosa called ”ADDAI” in the evening after 3.30 p.m. served with pure fresh Butter accompanied by chutney and sambar which attracts customers in large from far and near.On Sundays to meet the demands of Gujarati customers Sambar is prepared with out onion, Jain type.Now after the demise of Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer in 1978 his eldest son Sri. K.S. Narayanaswamy assisted by his brothers S. Venkatesh, & S. Raman took the charge of the restaurant.



Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer


Founder-Manis Lunch Home

Started and belongs to Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer, Keralite Tamil Brahmin Iyer a native of Palakkad, the Man who came up hard way.

Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer lost his parents both in his early childhood. And was compelled to move from his home town Palakkad in his early childhood itself for livelihood. Traveled through outIndia and served with various different dignitaries at their house kitchens.

And finally came to Mumbai and settled with his own venture in the field of catering by 1920s. With his sound skills and vast experience could easily give a very good introduction to Mumbaikars exemplary exquisite South Indian delicious delicacies. He himself as a born cook, cooked himself, served and delivered at houses & offices, in bicycle.


Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer

South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai


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