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MANI’S Model Co-Op. Hostel Soc. Ltd.


“MANI’S Model Co-Op. Hostel Soc. Ltd.”

Now on May, 2002 Mani’s have opened one new additional outlet at Model Co-Op.Hostel society (popularly known as Society), 384, Dadbawala Sadan, Telang Road, Opp: Sree Bajan Samaj, next to Sankar Mattam, Matunga, Mumbai-40019, serving with authentic entire gamut of South Indian delicious fine cuisine, breakfast, Lunch, snacks and dinner.
This shop opens at 6.30.a.m. and close by 10.30 p.m. with a weekly holiday on Tuesday.Morning breakfast includes Idli, Meduvada, Uppuma, Poori-Baji, Sheera (Kesari), Pongal and varieties of Dosa’s. All breakfast items shall avail up to 12.30 Noon.

Lunch starts by 10.30 a.m. and includes 2 bowls of rice, 2 Chapattis, one cup of solid baji, 2 cups of liquid baji, Rasam, Sambar, papad, pickles, butter milk and curd all at Rs.30.00. The full meals served on fresh plantain Leaves cost Rs.50.00 with one sweet dish/ payasam i.e. pudding. On Thursday, Saturday & Sunday the menu includes Payasam. The take away Carrier meals Costs Rs.35.00 and pure Vegetable set priced at Rs.60.00 per set.Sundays Lunch menu includes potato dry baji, pineapple pachadi (Liquid Baji), Aviyal, and Madras onion sambar with pickles puleenji.The lunch session ceases by 3.p.m. and thereafter-evening snacks session starts by 3.30p.m.

Evening snacks items over and above the breakfast items includes fresh Sevai cocoanut/ lemon/plain, Kela Bajji, Vegetable Bonda, Mysore Bonda, onion Bajji/Pokkoda, and vast varieties of spl. Dosas Such as Palak Dosa, Ulundu Dosa, Set Dosa, Addai Dosa, Neer Dosa, Tomato omelet, Cheese Dosa etc. and Semiya Pulav, Semiya Kitchadi, Vegetable Pulav, and much more mouth watering South Indian Delicious Delicacies.During the festive occasion such as Onam traditional authentic full Keralite feast and items were all prepared according to custom and tradition to suit the respective festive mood.